Top 5 Vintage Shops in Berlin

So, you’ve decided to go shopping, well! if you want an unforgettable and thrilling shopping experience to go to Berlin! There are many breathtaking vintage shops and boutiques, Regardless of your budget you still will get what and have a variety to choose from. When you think of class and style, big or small boutiques you will get all of them in berlin

However, I would like to make the choice easier by giving you the leading five vintage shops that will offer you great, classic and stylish product consistently with proactive and excellent customer service.   


This is a favorite vintage shop for many people no wonder it is ranked as one of the leading vintage stores. The repeater is appropriate for both retro and vintage clothes. It has stylish as well as exquisite second-hand clothes. Due to their quality stylish and affordable clothes, it is almost a guarantee that if you walk in you will leave with good clothes of your choice and within your budget. The shop offers you a variety of clothes such as   Levis denim shorts, flowered dresses, plaid shirts, flower and different types of shoes including leather.

Sing Blackbird

Do you enjoy shopping in an organized vintage shop, well Sing Blackbird is the place to be. It offers hip vintage clothing such as designer clothes and unique pieces, shoes and the accessories to wear with of course quality designer wear comes with no discounts. Sing Black even has a café where you can take coffee as you decide on what to buy and what to leave. They will host or sponsor monthly marketing events such as live concerts and   flea market and once in a while movie nights where they try to sell their products

 The Humana

The Humana is more of a second-hand store than a vintage shop with several branches/shops throughout Germany. Normally open Monday to Saturday from 10; 00 am to 20;00. The main shop is located in a large building with several floors that beautifully show fashion clothes of both genders, sizes, and ages. They offer quite a variety to choose from and their wears are so affordable that make a choice becomes a daunting task. They are located in Frankfurter Tor 3, 10243 Berlin. Humana’s contact is +49 30 42 22 018, while their website is

The Good Store

This is a well-curated vintage store which sells selected wears for both genders and kids. Their focus seems to be dictated by quality brands not taste. Just like the name sounds the good store offers discounts and even sells on commission on behalf of the clients to market and sell their cloth to clients in the store.


If you enjoy shopping in bulk or per kilo and getting discounts then this is the ultimate place for you. They offer discounts of up to 20% and Just like the name implies you pick and weigh you buy clothes by weight regardless of the quality. If you wish to get designs of past decades at an almost throwaway price of $20 per kilo. The clothes in PicknWweight are relatively cheap. The shop opens on Tuesday from 12; 00 to 15;00 hours Compared to other top vintage shops. The most interesting bit is an offer they call happy hour on Tuesday from 12; 00-15;00 don’t wanna miss this happy hour and other offers that will make your shopping in Berlin worthwhile – read the article on vintage and modern clothing.

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